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Thursday, March 15, 2018 Largo Usagi News Articles 184

Some time around 2:30 AM EST the process for our ME server saved the game and stopped.  The problem has been fixed and the server is back online, sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.


Thursday, January 12, 2017 Stacks Armstrong News Articles 650

Woah it's been a whole year now! (kidding).


So we have a few more updates now that we have stepped up getting our servers online.

We are trying to get more people active in the Teamspeak, so feel free to drop in, you don't have to be playing anything to stop in and say hi!


We have gotten some more game servers set up, and as of recent we have:

  • Killing Floor
  • Killing Floor 2
    • Alpha (Normal)
    • Bravo (Normal)
    • Charlie (Normal)
    • Long and Hard (Long Duration, Hard Difficulty)
  • Space Engineers (Undergoing some slight maintenance)
  • Starbound

We are ~ 90% on the Neotokyo Servers (Lets Make NT Great Again). It is likely we will start out with 1 server, however we may add an additional server if the servers get popular.


At the moment we have a relatively small admin group consisting of:

  • Stacks Armstrong (Me)
  • Largo Usagi
  • Spyderdead
  • Omarmarious

If you have been playing on our servers, and are interested in getting involved, please let us know. We are looking for some more Community Administrators (IE moderators / game admins) that can help us manage the server and keep jerks out so we can all have fun.


Finally, let us know how we are doing by dropping us a line in the forums. We like feedback (both good and bad) as it helps us improve.


Thanks everyone for reading, and I hope to see you in the servers!

Friday, December 30, 2016 Stacks Armstrong News Articles 697

Today some additional changes were made to the CG Infrastructure:

  • The server that Space Engineers was on, was intended to host several games. After testing and deployment, it has come to our attention that it will not play nice with the config we are running. We have reduced it to a more reasonable amount of room and rebooted it today.
  • We have added an additional server to host our NeoTokyo servers (Coming Soon!).
  • We have also gotten notifications that our Datacenter will be doing maintenance on the first coming up here. Expect some short 15-30 minute outages that day (this is out of our control sadly :( ).


Over the past several years we have learned a lot about how to set up our infrastructure for minimal downtime (and a lot more on how not to lol). However that doesn't mean we or others can't still make mistakes. Please let us know how we can improve our servers, or if you want to see some new games / features.


Anyhow, we may get some additional games online, but the servers are done being changed until next year (unless there is an emergency).


Cerberus Gaming would like to wish our members and players a Happy New Years!


Derek "DACRepair / Stacks Armstrong"

Senior Admin / Owner, Cerberus Gaming

Thursday, December 29, 2016 Largo Usagi News Articles 641

Today we listed a Killing Floor 1 Server and a Starbound Server, as well as updated space engineers to the latest version.


The 2 new servers are servers we have hosted before but recent interest made us bring new servers online.


Our KF1 server has a fast download redirect so the custom maps load quickly, if you have any custom map you would like to see on there let us know and we will get it up.


We will also be getting our NT server back up and running with all of the same service and quality we had provided in the past.